Desert Queen Baths, Ruddall River National Park

We were very lucky to visit the DQB, and only because we had to make the detour because of flooding at Well25.

We walked about 1km up river, mostly boulder hopping, looking at the gorgeous scenic pools, and also some aboriginal art on the cliffs. Our expedition leader certainly knows all the secret spots! My friend R took her swimming togs and braved the chilly water - the only one of us to do so. But she's from Tasmania so that explains her toughness!

There's an astro shot of the hills behind our camp. It's not as sharp as I'd like it but it does show how lovely it all was. I struggled with the astro shots with this camera, and it took me ages to sort out the best way to manage it. The night skies were absolutely tremendous, with the glittering stars of the Milky Way over us every night - except the one when it rained!

Backblipping .....

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