this too, shall pass

By lenah

I ❤️ my sneakers

and I take good care of them because they take good care of my feet!
Today we are 'enjoying' temperatures in the lower 90th and so they had some spinning fun in the washing machine and are now hanging out on the fence to get a tan;)
I am hiding in the house trying to figure out where to start to get this place back in shape. I have until 5:00 pm to tackle at least  a couple of chores because than I am taking  off to meet  my book club  pals. Lively discussions on the back burner  but a generous supply of cool drinks  on the table;) At least that's what I am hoping for! Extra
I could not resist to do a bit of faffing with my emergency blip  to postpone the boring chores for just a little longer - (I am not Imelda Marcos, but then I don't think she wears sneakers)

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