To decorate the paper cones that the Socialist party (Vänster) will be giving away in the little down-town office, on Saturday from about 1 o'clock. Haven't made the cones yet, but have done the research. Have made the stickers to advertise our party as people wander around town, munching on the delicious popcorn.

It's "Nostalgia Day" and the town will be full of people so it is a good opportunity to have some conversation. Popcorn and politics, there's a joke in their somewhere but I will refrain!

In other news; went along to an evening of tai chi in Västanå (where the fabulous waterfall is). It was quite odd having a different instructor with a very different approach. I got confused and needed a sit down. Some very good balancing exercises though. On the way out there we paddled and then swam, very nice to arrive fresh and alert after a muggy day. Still none of that rain that keeps being promised...

The logo is a red carnation with a V in the centre. These were made using a champagne cork. Perhaps I'm a champagne socialist! 

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