Ongoing rumblings

We had our twice-yearly trustees lunch buffet today, which is accompanied by a day of meetings at which our senior colleagues must account for the activities of the NGO to those who are officially liable. Sometimes we're hoiked in to provide extra information on certain projects, depending what's on the agenda. No hoiking for me today, which is good as my digestive system is delicate and very little hoiking could be withstood. I needed to access the blandest foods, which weren't on offer at the lunch. Quiche had ramifications that weren't worth the momentary pleasure on the lips.

My main bike is marooned in Royston so I am walking everywhere. Even at a purposeful snail's pace it's very sweat-inducing when your body is battling toxins. I walked to a restaurant to join Thomasina for her birthday dinner, and she had already divulged to the waitress about my digestive woes. A lovely evening, albeit with one eye on the door to the gents, and a much reduced appetite.

I don't think my stomach churning is being helped by the dire state of the UK government at the moment. Now that Davis and Johnson have slunk off and May will want to surround herself with those more nuanced towards a reasoned Brexit, the concern is that a vote of no confidence from Tory MPs could usher in a much more hardline and hard right leader such as, dare we say it, Jacob Rees-Mogg. I assume it's unlikely that he could become PM without outright revolt, yet weirder things have happened...

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