The Robin's Secret: Three Baby Birds

I discovered the robin's secret, hiding in a bush between the butterfly garden and the shed: a nest, with three baby robins in it! It reminded me of that poem they made us memorize in grade school: "We have a secret, just we three, the robin, and I, and the sweet-cherry tree."

The little birds are barely feathered yet, and their eyes are not open. They apparently even sleep with their mouths open. ;-) The nest is in the same spot as the one that got pilfered earlier this summer, leaving behind a single blue egg.

I'm happy to report that things seem to be going better this time around, though you know how fortune can turn on a dime. So we wish good luck to the tiny little family, as we quietly take a photo, and then sneak away.

Here's a song for the little birds, whose eyes are not open yet, but soon will be: ASIA, with Open Your Eyes.  P.S. I am happy to report that I actually saw ASIA live, and got to experience John Wetton's soaring vocals in person, once in my lifetime. Yes, it was awesome!

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