Shade, give me shade

It's so hot here, 30°C and more by mid morning. 
It was too much by 10 o'clock really.
What a heat wimp I am.
You never hear me complaining about the cold, I like the cold.

We have three young friends who have their birthdays 3 days in a row. 
We drove to town and delivered presents and cards.
Coffee and conversation at one house, and a quick dash away from the other.
Had to get home in time for the final!!

Now feeling sorry for Croatia who are one goal down to France's 2 goals. Half-time. 
They are sucking lemons etc as I blip.
I wonder how it will go?
I'd love Croatia to win, that chirpy little country!

This image was taken in the kitchen this morning, the blinds blocking out the worst of the glare.
The round, spiky thing is a construction I'm working on -  made of birch roots.
The glass is famous in blips.
It's so photogenic!
A present from Cornwall, from Jude and Dave.

At 30 plus, my brain has turned off many of its systems, only the basics are working it seems. 
Forest fires all over our county (over 20 yesterday) as the lightening sets things off in this tinder box of a summer.
It's not just my brain being stretched to the limit.

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