Someone's Got A New Baler?

I've been waiting for the nearest field to be harvested and today I found it had. I decided to go out at about 3 o'clock, I thought the world would be nice and quiet with the World Cup Final and the Men's singles on at that time.

I stopped by the gate and was surprised to find that not many bales were left in the field. I took some photos but with them so scarce and spread around the field it didn't look much. I carried on to another field elsewhere on the farm. That one was better. Although many had been taken in, there was still a stack in the field. It looked as if the guys had called a halt so they could watch the football. Good for them, I expect they'll work late to get it done. It was good that I could get my picture without getting in anyone's way. It looks as if they have a new baler because these fields both had round bales in them last year.

The sky is amazingly blue, it's not enhanced and I didn't have a polarizer or any other filters on the camera.

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