Pond plant life

Despite the lack of rain the water lilies are putting up a real show this year and more and more lily pads are growing too. Now all I need is a chorus of frogs, but I haven't seen those around so far.

Thanks so much for all your Abstract Thursday entries, in between all the sports to watch today I've had a good look at them all, another collection of fun and creative images ! Because of all the sports I thought next Thursday's optional theme could be 'sportive', do with it what you like as long as it does look abstract ! The tag will be AT164.

Here's the list of last Thursday's specials:
gen2          for a Pep Ventosa poppy
flying         for a mystery abstract
Ellisroger  for a green water reflection
J4net        for a very colourful satsuma
mambo    for a pink dreamy lily

Thanks again and looking forward to next Thursday's sportive abstracts :-)

And thanks very much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's white sunflower !

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