An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Doggy in the Window...

While I was getting ready this morning, David was on the case finding us somewhere nice to go for lunch then an activity for this afternoon.  Having the mobility scooter Speed Machine opens up many more options to us.

By the time I got downstairs he had chosen a cafe in Instow called John's of Instow and suggested we follow part of The Tarka Trail afterwards.  It all looked and sounded good to me, so off we set.

The cafe did not disappoint.  We had the Skandevonian sharing platter - cured salmon, smoked trout pate, pickled cucumber and Swedish sourdough.  It was delicious.  

Despite tables laden with the most delicious looking sponge cakes and tray bakes and massive raspberry meringues, we couldn't resist the Devon scones.  They brought us two each, piping hot straight from the oven, with a bowl of clotted cream and delicious locally made strawberry jam.  David managed to scoff both scones but I could only manage one but they gave me the other one away in a little box.

The part of the Tarka Trail that we planned to explore was a stone's throw from the cafe and it was interesting to see what remained of the old station platform and a tiny bit of the railway line.  The signal box is a listed building.  Photos in extras and more information on the Trail HERE.

The weather was beautiful as we headed off along the trail towards Bideford.  It was so lovely to be out and about and enjoying the "walk" as it's something I am just not able to do under my own steam.  It was lovely for David too (I know because he told me :p) even though I was stopping every two minutes to take photos.  

There were many cyclists also enjoying the path as well as some joggers and fellow walkers, every one smiling a cheery hello as they passed.   We ambled along for over an hour before turning and coming back. 

I was amazed at how far we had gone (quick panicky check of the battery level of the Speed Demon but it was fine :-) and the walk back was lovely, mainly because the sun was behind us and there was a slight breeze coming off the water as the tide turned and started coming in.  It was amazing to see how quickly it came in and boats that had been grounded and looking rather sad on the mud flats and sand banks suddenly bobbed into life and looked much better for it.  

When we got back to Instow we stopped at John's cafe again but this time to buy water.  When David went in to buy the water, I kept going along the pavement towards where the car was parked.  I was passing in front of a terraced row of houses and the last one had a stunning window box full of flowers that I wanted to photograph but wasn't sure about the ethics of pointing a camera at someone's window at close range.  

I was just trying to work out how I could surreptitiously get a shot when David arrived with the water. I pointed the window box out to him and he noticed a pair of lovely brown eyes looking out the window, which I hadn't spotted.  That was it.  A photo had to be taken and only once!  Camera up, shutter released then off on my scooter Speed Machine at a very sedate walking pace like a bat out of hell!  I was delighted when I got back to the Barn to see I had got the shot without an irate house owner chasing me down the street accusing me of being a Peeping Tom!  :-))

Alan has had another fab day and has enjoyed showing Christine the sights of Ilfracombe.  They're off to The Big Sheep tomorrow.  We have yet to decide what the day will hold for us.

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