One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


Luca learned the hard way that reading the Art of War does not necessarily mean that it becomes easier to beat his dad at Risk. 

Elsewhere a far from clear-cut world cup final match left the Raheny household divided. 
Finn, the only footballer of the household took any goal that came the French way with delight, no matter how undeserved it was. 
For the other four members of the family, the total unfairness of goal 1 (and to some extent goal 2), meant that the outcome was not a joyous one.
The Croatian side played a beautiful, exciting game once again, and worked incredibly well as a team. They should have reaped the benefits of such cohesion and dedication. 
Tonight, it wasn't to be. Fate does not always favour beautiful football. 

Finn and Macron begged to differ.

As well as millions of not-so-phlegmatic French people, according to reports from the mother ship by Red and Jaybroek.  

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