MonoMonday:Vices and Virtues

You thought this was Mr isbi being virtuous didn't you?
Not so. In fact Mr isbi was expressing vices of wrath, anger and maybe a few naughty words when he discovered a burst water pipe, thanks to -7C overnight temperatures in the valley, had flooded the farmhouse.
He contacted the insurance company this morning and they sent this chap along to dry it out prior to getting the assessor in.
He had a giant vacuum thingy and he sucked up 100 litres of water from the sodden carpet!
He then left various blowers going to dry things out and says he will be back on Wednesday.
We didn't think the carpet would be salvageable, but it looks like it might be - and much cleaner :-)

As for Si-b's challenge's virtues I think we can include diligence (this guy) and gratitude (us) and patience will probably also be called for.

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