More heat, less movement

Up early, did yoga etc, drove to Älandsbro.
Not the centre of the known universe, but there's a shop and a garage.
Collected returning grey car from friend who had borrowed it.
Drove to market garden to get flowers for bare beds.
Shut for the summer.
Came home, did tai chi in a small patch of shade.
Got pestered by horse fly when doing standing meditation.
Did 5 minutes anyhow, felt like 2.

Breakfast/brunch/lunch happened.
Washing hung out to dry.
I whined about the heat.
I love the sunshine, but I am wiped out by heat.
Thought I'd lounge in the hammock and listen to the radio for a bit.
Did just that.
Interspersed with leaping out of the hammock to try to adjust the tension on the strings.
Interesting process, but not restful.

(The hammock is a Mexican Maja hammock made of woven strings that can flex in all directions, it's a work of art. Sadly the end strings were of such poor quality they all rotted and when we came to hang up the lovely hammock the next year, they were all lying on the floor in pieces. Blue pieces of poor quality rope. The hammock is SO beautiful we thought we couldn't just throw it out... we'd try to mend it, which we eventually did. Just not as easy as you might think! They are made by hand, and I'm guessing secret skills are involved)

Anyhow, after the lounging about I set to with the scissors, some new string and determination. 
The hammock is now almost a joy to lie in, and is once again (almost) a thing of beauty. 
I have ordered a new one as well.
Can you have too many?

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