All Or Nothing!

In other news, last year's dried wildflowers
A day spent botanising!
So, left to right (extra) when I try to upload, blooming Blip says that I have an entry on this day... err, no I don't. 
Feeling annoyed!.
Bramble (prickly old bugger!) Hedge Bedstraw, Common Knapweed, Field Bindweed; 
Creeping Thistle, Great Willowherb, Ladies Bedstraw, Common Ragwort; Creeping Cinquefoil, Yarrow, Fleabane, Lesser Burdock; 
Wild Carrot, Common Restharrow, Field Scabious, Honeysuckle. 
The End!
Music for your ears.It's not in the least bit connected, just happens to be what I'm listening to right now.
Steve Marriott was my first love, shame he didn't know about it!
In other news, last year's dried wildflowers (oh and a blip that refuses to get the correct date)  and my beautiful girl enjoying her holiday.
Meanwhile In other, other news a new self imposed 5 day challenge...
Boring Postcards... See you on the other side...
Be honest, I bet you can't wait.... ;

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