By misswinterfinch

Flowers Bloom in HEAT

It is evening here in Central NY State and the temperature with heat index is 34ºC or 94ºF
these flowers are not at all the blip I aimed for today. This morning I saw an unusual caterpillar chewing on a Queen Anne's Lace bud. I could not identify it and thought I would ask Deb or another bug blipper. The ones I took were not clear enough to post. So, I thought I would try later on.
Now it is "later on' & too unbearably hot to be out searching for an errant caterpillar who looks like a folded green leaf, by the way.
It had hacked the little bud off and disappeared by the time I returned for a second try.
So, I whipped around the garden, got stung by a roving beetle, and just aimed at the first blooming flowers I spied. Coneflowers can tolerate drought and heat.
Way too hot for humans to even think. It is @ 78º inside the house right now.
The weather people promise rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. PLEASE?

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