Family Day

The children and grandchildren's visit has gone a little off course. Normally we plan one day that all of us do a day tour in a hired bus and then another day when the grandchildren get to have a day centred on their wishes. However, the weather this year made planning impossible and we have been playing it from day to day. Added to this, we would have liked to do two grandchildren trips - one to Legoland mainly for Charlotte and one to the German Museum Aircraft collection near Munich as Elliot has now become a great fan of aeroplanes, in particular, military planes.

But they also love to spend lots of time in the pool and until now they haven't had quite as much time as usual. The weather forecast for today was for sun all day and thus a good day at Legoland and rain tomorrow which would suit the Museum visit. However, the pool won the day and so it was that they could spend the whole day in and around the pool and now that all the others have gone, also to have Mum and Dad to themselves.

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