More hammock action

This is the hammock in action, showing how you lie across it, rather than along it. If you lie diagonally you are lying almost flat. Clever!

Another boiling hot day.
I set some rhubarb cordial off, it will steep for 3 days before being boiled and bottled.  The last shout, all the rhubarb is flopping now.
Lounged in the hammock a bit, listened to the radio and the buzzin' of the bees.

Went up to Betty's and air-conditioned myself for half an hour, very refreshing. Did a bit of cutting and sticking.

Off to town to collect a new canoe rack for the new roof rack. The roof rack that meant that not a single one of our other canoe racks fitted... It is a bit sad when things become useless like this. Anyhow, we have a new one and can transport two kayaks of about 25 kilos each more safely.

Picked up Rose and went to the local beach at Smitingen - it was packed with people and there were many swimmers. Including us. Gloriously cool in the water, what a delight to have this so near to home.

A shared supper on the balcony with political and financial conversations till 10. 45 and all his works had to be dissected and puzzled over. I am concerned about the knock on effects of all this uncouth, bullying behaviour.

Home to water the flowers, now indoors at 11, the sky is full of bright light, the house is cooling down - everything that can be open is open. We are leaving things that way through the night, blinds drawn on the morning sunny side. It seems to help a bit.

Hard to believe we had full snow cover just a few weeks ago. In the winter, the beach looks like this!

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