Emsie's lovely blip of her auntie yesterday put me in mind of that very special relationship. So when the three year old, who was on a sleepover last night, wanted to help me with some baking this morning I looked out the pinny which my auntie made for Lyn when she was four. It was a bit too big but it certainly did the job of covering up. My auntie was a lovely person and I miss her.
My three children and now the three year old are very fortunate to have a similarly engaged, interested and indulgent auntie as well as lots of important extended family; grand and great grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles and so on. Sadly Cameraman's four nieces and one nephew live at a considerable distance but WhatsApp is wonderful for keeping in touch with them and their families. And we have two separate visits to look forward to later in the year. Will be great as always to see them.

I hesitate to tell you what's being made in the blip as it is doubtless one of the most unhealthy recipes that's every caught my eye. Orkney fudge cheesecake. There, I've confessed. It's in the fridge far away from the three year old.   It was being made for our evening meal tomorrow. We're off to Argyll again for a few nights with friends. I'm taking the meal for the first night. We'll all be high as kites after that sugar rush. We're staying somewhere with no WiFi till Sunday and I don't know about the phone signal so I might be back-blipping.

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