Gone for a walk ?

One of the highlights of Pitlochry in Bloom are the flower statues dotted about the town: postman on bike , fisherman with boat, nanny with pram, flower seller and station porter. 

This morning in a bid to find yet another long cut to get the paper I decided to capture all five to blip.  I wasnt convinced that the postman was still outside the sorting office but it was - although gradually getting engulfed by a bush. The station porter is currently behind barriers as work is underway to improve facilities at the station. The flower seller and fisherman are doing away fine but my favourite the nanny and the pram can no longer be found at the entrance of the Atholl Palace. 

Hopefully this removal is for a temporary repair - however I did notice that the committee is looking for new volunteers. Hopefully some came forward as their efforts do make the town look even prettier. 

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