By mollyblobs

The Gog Magog Downs

Thankfully it was noticeably cooler today, just right for wandering over the Gog Magog Downs, a large area of open access land being restored as  chalk grassland and woodland, which Pete and Chris are surveying this year.

Cambridgeshire as a whole is remarkably devoid of viewpoints, but the Gog Magog hills are some of the highest in the county and give excellent views over Cambridge itself (as seen in the main image, which was taken from one of Stephen Hawking's favourite spots) and the hills of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire (see extra). The restored chalk grassland is a joy, with substantial areas of flower-rich sward,  made purple by a heady mix of sweet-scented Marjoram, Clustered Bellflower and Small Scabious - the vibrant sward contrasts starkly with the uniform gold of the harvested arable fields all around.

In the evening Pete and I caught the bus into Cambridge to attend the launch party of my niece, Kaddy Benyon's, second poetry book 'The Tidal Wife'.  A number of my relatives were there, some of whom I hadn't seen in person for over thirty years! There were three short poetry readings by Kaddy and two of her friends, and then time to relax and chat with drinks and nibbles. Pete and I had to dash off early to catch the last bus back to the park-and-ride so didn't have a chance to buy a copy of her book. However, I've ordered one today and can't wait to sit down and read it. I can recommend her work to those of you who enjoy raw and visceral poetry.

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