Maddie's sunflower

A brief foray into the garden early this morning found the sunflowers glowing in the sunshine. This one is as big as a dinner plate. I had an appointment at 9a.m to have my hair restored and by the time I came out the clouds had gathered. I had an appointment for my mammogram at 1 54p.m  precisely. We are so fortunate to have these regular screenings and I am always amazed at the number of people who don't turn up. We were not expecting to have Maddie but her Mammy was not feeling well so we picked her up and she asked to do some hard work. As you can see, by this time it was raining. She is recognising Key words and building short sentences. I fed and watered her and then we took her to netball where they had fabulous time. Just delivered her home and Mammy is feeling a bit better.
It seems to be Friday and the weekend - enjoy - especially all those hard working teachers who are now on holiday.

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