Forest fire

3 kilometers away from our village, at midday, a forest fire got underway. It's still burning uncontrollably, fire fighters from Härnösand and from Kramfors are doing their best to hem it in. Scary stuff. There are between 50 and 80 forest fires burning in the tinder box that Sweden has become this summer. 4 of them are being left to burn themselves out, extinguishing them isn't an option....

It continues to be incredibly hot and very very dry here, everyone is hoping and praying that rain arrives. We have a sky full of clouds, so it might just happen. We have some forecast, but we've heard that one before.

I don't think we are in any danger to be fair, but it is scary anyhow. No-one lives where the fire is raging, but there are several wind turbines and some summer cabins which are being prioritised. We await the arrival of a helicopter that can scoop up water from the lake to wet the area ahead of the flames. s I write I can hear the sound of a helicopter flying - great news! The firefighters have been working since 12 to contain this fire - they must need all the encouragement and support they can get. 

We swam in the lake this afternoon in an effort to chill down before going into town. It was so warm in the water that it wasn't really refreshing, and the backdrop was the fire, with smoke blowing north from us - away not towards us thankfully.  We went to see the film Mamma Mia, here we go again - it is light and lovely and jolly and silly and upbeat and full of good songs. And dances. We all shed tears... of course! 

Rosé and strawberries with cream and sponge cake, outside at Rose's house after the film. So wonderful to be sitting out till almost 11 in the balmy evening. No insects and warm enough not to need a cardigan! We drove north a way to see what we could see. Smoke is the answer to that, and it smelled dreadful as well. We saw 2 tankers like the farmers use to spread manure on their fields - they have been shuttling water up to the fire-fighters at the top of the hill. Solidarity seems to be the watchword all over the country with many volunteers helping the rescue services.

This view is from our house, looking across the village, taken at about 1.30 this afternoon. Now the flames are visible as the sky becomes darker, but the fire-fighters will be working through the night and there is still a lot of light to see by.

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