Silly Saturday - Dress Ups

This group had been participating in a Silent Disco and it all finished with a big cheer as we were walking by. I loved all the costumes and couldn’t resist a few shots. I have put another one in the extra’s of Spider-Man who has wet his pants ;o) actually it was an awfully rainy day so he probably just sat on a wet seat LoL

It’s been a very busy day. I had to be over the other side of town at 9am for a two hour info session about the NDIS. I had arranged for J to get dropped off to me there when it finished and that all happened just as the heavens opened to the most incredibly heavy downpour!! I was unable to drive so we just sat for ages waiting for it to die down a bit and when we did get going it was quite scary as there was flooding everywhere!! A wet phone shot from inside the car in the extras!

We went on into town for lunch and a wander around in the rain, always a bit of fun to be found in the city! ;o)

I can hardly keep my eyes open, so i’ll catch up tomorrow! Nighty night blippers xxx

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