Wildflowers and Wine

I was in a vineyard today, where wildflowers had been sown among the bunches of grapes. You could pick it today for free. And for the children there was a lot to do, like making music and petting animals. Very nice to be there and meet nice people who come for the same purpose. Helping each other to find flowers and to encourage the children who were there to pet the animals even though some of them found it exciting.

You can see my bouquet of flowers on the chair that was made from a wine barrel, grapes, lovely duck and the wildflowers.

Again very hot today to 30 degrees. Tonight there would be rain, mine is allowed, everything is so dry. Grass is hay, the plants need water. Now watering some plants every night, but my backyard that I have not given water is one dry bunch. 7 degrees less with sun is welcome.

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