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I was away again today, singing at a wedding. A small group of choristers who intermittently make up the Cumbrae Cathedral Choir sang the Aaronic Blessing (setting by John Rutter) at the wedding of the Rev Canon Gordon Fyfe and William Clark-Ferguson in the Cathedral of The Isles - that's the full story behind my opening sentence. They didn't know we'd be there, and I didn't know just how lovely it was going to feel to take part in this ceremony. 

The marriage service (gorgeous words - I'd read them, but never heard them for real) was conducted by the Bishop of Argyll and The Isles, The Rt Rev Kevin Pearson. It was a hugely significant occasion as well as an entirely joyous one, and I've been involved over several years in the struggle to bring it about in our church. And yes, it's much easier for a straight grandmother to engage in this fight, but none the less satisfying for all that.

I've been driven by several things, not the least being the significant friendships I've enjoyed over the years with gay people who weren't allowed the same freedoms in our church life as I had been. It was with them in mind that I spoke at Synod and joined in endless discussions with people who disagreed with me. I was driven also by the conviction that too many people were hung up on language - a purely human construct - and by a drive for justice to be done and equality to be the norm.

I know that this isn't the end. But it was a glorious beginning. I'm proud of the Cathedral that I regard as my spiritual home; I'm proud of the people who work there for creating such a great party and such a welcome for all; I'm proud of my Bishop; I'm proud of my diocese and my church. 

And I think we sang quite well too ...

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