Time goes so fast sometimes. Youngest son has reached the age I had when he was born ! A reason to have home-baked apple pie with candles ! :-)

I guess the optional 'sportive' theme left some of the regulars flummoxed, so hopefully the optional theme for this week's Abstract Thursday  'festive' is a bit easier ! And remember, these themes are optional, any abstract will do on Thursdays ! The tag will be AT161

Here are the 5 specials of last Thursday:
weeflecky         for a very reflective boat
Donnawanna   for finding a little Red Corvette and a face on it !
Sheol                 for abstracting his cycling glasses
Romay              for a zoomburst of her new racket
LifesJourney    for a mystery ball and board
Thanks so much for all your entries and I'm looking forward to your next entries, festive or not :-)

Thanks so much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's pond Blip

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