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By nhc

Sunday Parkways

Caught the 7 a.m. flight up from SFO to PDX.  Turns out early early on a Sunday means an extra quick flight and an empty plane - outstanding!  Must remember next time.  Clear views most of the way, big blanket of fog over SF, looks so fascinating from above.  The morning haze over Mount Shasta was burning off and what looked like a lenticular cloud had semi-collapsed on the peak, it really looked like a shark's fin breaking the surface - extra.  

So I guess today was the kick-off to a new Portland project called the The Green Loop which is opening up the urban core by creating trails and pathways that will be easier opportunities for walking, cycling, running, etc., and making more space for trees and shade.  It's a work in progress - I remember a couple of years ago on NE Broadway where they did a trial run, I thought it was great, so was happy to see this more formalized iteration and that the idea hasn't been forgotten.  Mainly cyclists were taking part, it was nice to see.  I had no idea what was going on and had to ask.  I was following part of the loop to go do some stuff in the Eastside Industrial District so this was serendipitous.

Bumped into someone I knew from my old neighborhood, I was totally oblivious but she saw me and came and said hello, so we caught up on local stuff.  


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