Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Classic Scottish Summer weather in the Cromarty Firth. Fine for a wee paddle from Cromarty to the North Sutor area.

Sat in the shelter of a big cave taking in the peacefulness of the grey scene, with lunch and a flask of tea. There were Dolphins about in the distance, which I did sort of capture, by putting this camera to "maximum burst mode". Hadn't realised that causes it to reduce the quality, substantially, and they weren't much cop, to put it politely. Lesson learned.

Plenty of seabirds on the water, and nesting on cliffs and stacks. A big lifeboat chugged by to the South, and we caught up with it in Cromarty's harbour, upon our return. Not a great day, but good to be out. If it's a wet day, you're just as well going along with it, and doing some form of watersport.

Extras - lunch stop beach;
 - RNLI lifeboat moored at Cromarty harbour

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