Tom & I went to the hospital for his lab draw this morning, and when we left to go back home, the expressway we'd need to take was backed up for miles, so I opted to take the straight route home, right through the center of the downtown area.  I stopped along the way to take this picture of the Riverwalk, a 3.1 mile walkway that meanders along both sides of the Milwaukee River, right in the heart of the downtown. It's lined with restaurants, office buildings, some shops, a few landings where you can catch a "water taxi", and a few "quirky" things--like a red English Phone Booth, some abstract pieces of art and the "Bronze Fonz". (If you've ever watched the old TV show "Happy Days", it took place in Milwaukee. "The Fonz" was the character played by Henry Winkler, and  a full sized bronze statue of his character has been placed along the walk. You'll frequently see people posing with it & taking selfies). So often you only hear the "bad" things about a city--high crime rates, or decaying neighborhoods, etc., when in fact there are so many more wonderful things than bad ones. The majority of people here work hard, help one another, and have great pride in the city and its accomplishments. :))
Thanks to Si_b for hosting MonoMonday.

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