Champion, apparently

Today there was a bit of a breeze and it never got hotter than 27 degrees. My brain works so much better when it's just a bit cooler than 30.

Anyhow, I bought some weights on the internet, to do training with - for my arms and shoulders. I have been reading about how women need to do strength exercises as they age and it has to be said I don't...  this is about to change. I have done some research and have a simple program of exercises to add to my daily routine. 1 kilo extra weight in each hand will be enough for the moment... I tried 2K and it wasn't funny.

So, today has been a fasting day (till 9 at night) and a day where I spent 7 hours sorting out the woodshed/barn/dumping ground. It was a monster job, and I am so glad I did it.

In this downstairs room there are gardening things, tools and pots and soil and so on. 
There is a corner full of Keith's paragliding stuff, now not used at all which feels sad. It's all so old that the wing would have to be certified safe to fly anyhow and the motor he used is no longer functional. Anyhow, it has a home in one corner (now a lot smaller and neater!). 
There is wood that isn't brilliant but can surely be used to construct something or other...
There are no less than 3 barbecues, one small, one smaller and one very small - none of them are permitted this dry and difficult summer. I put the wood burning brazier next to them, we can't use that either.
There is a huge bale of sawdust that is used when we deal with the compost, and there are compost buckets too.
There are marble window sills (indoor) that we took away 30 years ago because we preferred wood, but you can't throw dressed marble away now can you?
There are many , many ropes, and climbing gear - and the after effects of owning a sailing boat. So many things to do with a boat we no longer own!
There was a bike but it has gone to join the others in a different building (we have a few to pick from, as things often are in the country in this part of Sweden)
There are car-related things in a cupboard, the door of which I dod not open.
There are hundreds of nails of varying sizes, now very neatly arranged in a drawer so you can see them all at a glance and pick your favourite nail for the job. We inherited them when our good friend Sigvard died suddenly... I wish we had on nails, but had Sigvard in our lives.
There are doors we didn't want in the tiny house we live in, they are stored in case someone wants them someday.
And rolls of weed-repelling cloth, and drainpipes, and grit for the snow, and salt.
The workbench is VISIBLE! there was a drawer full of tools that Keith had forgotten he put there when working on the roof last year - amongst them MY tinsnips that he lost. Hmph! ( I have my own tools and do not like them going AWOL, we have different standards of care, my love and I)

It was looking clean and tidy and the pile of stuff to take to the dump was impressive, then I remembered the upstairs!

OK, it was getting late and I was getting a bit bitten by the mosquitoes that have sprung into existence since the rain came - but it was the right thing to do. I climbed the red ladder and set to up there.

How many boxes did I chuck down to flatten and take to the recycling? A lot, 15 perhaps. And there is now a much safer way round the big hole in the floor that leads to the downstairs, since I nailed up a barrier. How much rat poo can one person sweep up? A lot.

Then there's all the kayaking equipment that isn't the actual kayak (they have their own house) , a surprising amount of kit. And paddles, and life jackets and spray decks and throwing lines  - on and on it goes...

Up here there's the good wood, also a gift after Sigvard who was a carpenter could no longer use it. And all the skis or course, but they are up in the roof, on the beams - well out of the way.

Jars for jam, bottles for beer-making, odd bits of furniture that might be handy to have perhaps...

The snow shifting equipment is up here too, and the kick-sledges, and the paddling pool for younger guests, and the box of toys for the beach. 

The rats had tried living in most of these things, and the birch seeds had found their way into all of them. Wasps abound in the roof, they didn't bother me today. A bird flew in and out, brushing my head - I only did a little scream... quite good for me!

My beloved thought that I had done an excellent job, he said it was "champion". I don't think anyone has ever said that about me before so I am noting it here for posterity. I was SO dirty, dusty, poo-ridden and ready for a swim, so at gone 8 we drove to our lake for just that.

The water is 24 today, the place was pretty busy for once. We swam and had a light beer on the rocks before driving home for pasta and salad - and a celebratory G&T with elderflower cordial. delicious. I have been so inactive for days and days due to the heat, so I have had a brilliant day!

Keith has been busy with other things, you can read about it here.

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