Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


We've had torrential rains today which was probably for the best since 1) we needed rain, 2) I needed to spend some time working on paperwork, and 3) as it turned out, I also needed a major nap.  None of this prevented me from dipping out between rains this morning to check on my garden which was teaming with soggy bumble bees going about their appointed rounds.  I liked the light on this one (and the fact that I didn't have to run it through any edits), and since I don't think I've blipped a bumble bee yet this summer, seemed like a good choice.

Visited with MIL at lunchtime today, hoping I could get her to eat a little food.  She still takes a couple of bites and then says she's full, although I did get her to take some fruit.  They will probably start giving her some nutrition shakes this week.  They are also starting both occupational and physical therapy today, so we are hoping for the best.  

After lunch, I did a little paperwork then lay down for what I thought would be a quick nap - and turned into 3 hours!  In fairness, since I had brain surgery all those years ago, I am extremely susceptible to fatigue so I expect it will take me a couple of days to get sorted.  

Meanwhile, the garden is filled with enraged hummingbirds guarding all five feeders with vigor.  Much fun to watch.

Thanks for the love on my swallowtail yesterday.  It will be such great fun watching the caterpillars as they develop.


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