Mono Monday M

Well thank goodness that I remembered that it was Mono Monday as I found it too difficult to choose a shot and anyway most of them were rubbish.
I thought that I would try a restful day as I never really do them but "sure as gun is iron"  (a family expression) it did not happen and the day turned out most unexpectedly but lovely nevertheless. Our son-in-law popped round with his daughter M and suggested a walk. Mr AF came too and we found ourselves on a very different route round to the village of Seafield where we stood out like a sore thumb. People kept asking us if they could help us or were we here to see the scenery and etc. We decided not to take the route through the cornfield as apparently it was full of ticks..................certainly not going that way with M or even ourselves as we were quite scantily dressed. It was very warm and the sun came out now and again. We did walk a longish way and 3 year old M did the whole thing apart from getting a wee carry at the end. She pronounced herself a good walker and we would all second that. 

After a quick drink at home it was off to the spinning class. That was a hard one and I haven't had a shower yet so that's it. 

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