A detoxification day

Did not feel very nice for days. My weight is increasing again and I am not happy about it at all. It also has to do with my thyroid gland that does not work properly and the medication that needs to be adjusted every time. So sometimes I get heavier and then I fall off again. I had 10 kilograms off with pain and effort and now because the medication is reduced again, there is again 5 kilos. My body also changes, I do shrink, nor does it make it any easier to maintain a tight body. Do I have problems with that, yes, I have always had more or less a good figure and wonder where that has gone. And then also be tired and do not feel good. Maybe this can help a little, a detoxification day. I want to get rid of that 5 kilos again. Beautiful would be 8 kilos. Tomorrow there will be 1 kilo and then another pound will arrive the next day. So for a pound I am tormenting myself for a day. A day is also over. Long live the 60 years and our decay. I do not know my own body anymore and that in 4 months time.

Hot again. 33 degrees today. Friday it will be 36 degrees.

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