Bottlenose Dolphins brighten up a dreich day, by the North Sutor at the mouth of the Cromarty Firth. We are so spoiled by these beautiful creatures coming to see us. They're an endangered species which we're not allowed to disturb, or chase after, but we're not, so they're allowed to disturb us...

Extra - on the way back to Cromarty, a large cruise ship (the Grand Princess) heads out of the firth, from Invergordon. Personally I'm sticking with my five metre craft, and tent. That huge beast holds absolutely no appeal, to me.

Finally uploading this favourite memory as a  way-back-Blip, as I make my way through some photos from 2007. Such is the randomness of my life and Blipping, it's supposedly my 3,000th upload to this journal too. Many thanks to all that stop by and generously give comments (cheeky or otherwise), stars and more - that is appreciated... and apologies if I'm a bit shy and less forthcoming at replying to your good selves. Despite rambling on here, I often have no idea what to say.

Thank you, and the very best wishes to you all.

Now to rapidly upload another way-back-Blip, and move on. Perhaps no-one will notice...

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