Wildlands adventure zoo

Another very hot day in The Netherlands, but that didn't stop Nienke, Inge, Ellis and yours truly from going to Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen. I thought the heat would make people choose other destinations like swimming pools or beaches, but we were far from the only ones in the zoo. Wildlands is a bit odd in its approach: it's a combination of a theme park and a zoo. The previous zoo in Emmen had more focus on the animals and people are complaining the new park is not enough zoo, but I must say that the new approach also has a certain appeal. Still, the park is struggling because visitor numbers are not as high as expected. This year, the park opened a rollercoaster and Nienke and Inge loved it.

Afterwards, we had ice cream in Groningen and when we had returned home, Nienke and Inge went to the swimming pool. Our vacation is off to a good start!

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