The enemy

An 'in and out' sort of day.

First an appointment with a psychologist, the first of several arranged by the insurance company. I haven't driven since the accident 18 months ago, something of an inconvenience as we live in a rural area with a minimal bus service. At last, a ray of hope that it may be possible to overcome the phobia and get back in to the driver's seat.

Out again later in the morning for a visit to the local vampire for a routine blood test. And, in the afternoon, Tai Chi. In between times, some domestic stuff, and preparation for the coming weekend, but more of that later.

This evening, as I was fetching the washing in, I watched this little blighter slither up the wall, and then down again, advancing on the petunias. Little did it know that it was about to be removed and placed elsewhere, well away from my plants...

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