One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

That magic moment

You and me, and the sunset, and no one else in the whole universe. 
You and me, alone.

Except for that bollix with the camera phone and the ridiculous French accent who tells us that we looked cute, and that he took our photograph, and wondering if we'd like a copy of the image by email, as a memory of the moment. 

So we give him the email address. To get him out of the way. And because he seems a bit unhinged. Like someone who'd jump off a pier. Actually, he looks like someone who has just jumped off the pier! 

Hope you enjoyed your sunset, Daisy and the Mystery Man. Nice talking to you. Now you have a photograph to remember it by. And no the water was not too cold. And yes, it was fun to jump off the pier. And no I still haven't lost the accent after 25 years, and I doubt that I ever will now. 

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