Andelucian museum of Contemporary Art

Very strange place in a disused monastery just outside of Seville. Took 45 mins to walk to in 33 degree heat but half the walk was in shade.

Watched an art installation of a guy sanding his legs till they bled and then sanding table legs, he’s famous in Belgium I hear. . .

Nice lunch with underwhelming (read unfriendly) service and then,fortunately, an amazing evening meal in s Peruvian place. I’ve got some fab shots with my camera and I may add them as ‘extras’ in the future.

Walked at least 9 miles today. MrH didn’t want to go to the jacuzzi/ sauna in the hotel as it was full of old men when we went to look at it earlier in the week. It’s in the basement of the hotel so I didn’t want to go on my own, need to go tomorrow before we check out. Pool day for most of tomorrow I hope.


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