By Bella888

Wide Wednesday: Russell Cotes Museum

This very attractive young lady is an OLD statue in the gardens of the Russell Cotes Museum at the top of East Cliff. I have Googled to find out who she is, without luck. Must ask next time I pass.

The museum is a well kept treasure in Bournemouth. Built and gifted by the wealthy owner, Merton Russell-Cotes - a former Lord Mayor, to his adored wife who sadly died not long after. They travelled to far flung places and brought back trunk loads of purchases which are displayed inside. They were also avid art collectors and there is a prized selection of pre-Rafaelite works.

On Saturdays there are tours of the Victorian villa. Have been on a couple of tours, and to several exhibitions. Or just to wander round. For £12py local residents can get a year’s pass. The guides are local volunteers who bring the place to life.

Worth visiting Bournemouth, even only to visit the RC

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