By AMK81

Lacy leaf

I decided to explore the garden again this morning. I'd gone outside just on a whim and the slightly cool morning air drew me outside to explore more. I tried to get some photos of some tiny flowers, but with the combination of a slight breeze and my hands not being steady it proved difficult. Then I got to see a bee collecting nectar from the flowers - again hard to capture with my phone. I went from flower to flower, but then started to notice other things. Some tiny fungus on the magnolia bark, some seed heads in the soil, lacy leaf skeletons. I was drawn to the tiny, the minute, the things we don't usually take notice of. And my love of patterns took over.

The rest of my day has been spent tidying, dying my hair (with henna so it's a right mess - think looks like soil or poo - and has to stay on for what feels like forever!) speaking to a good friend on Facebook messenger and watching the Jane Austen book club on Netflix (recommended by said friend after I said I'd been to watch a production of Pride and Prejudice recently). I needed a peaceful, relaxing day today after a tough day on Monday and work yesterday. Back to work tomorrow too! Still, got plenty of this beautiful day left :)

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