Carol's ramblings

By Lucari

Dog macrame

As hubby is away with work for a few days, dog walks are interesting. The older two (Oscar and Lili) are reasonably well behaved off the lead but Poppy has to be kept on her lead as she is to flighty and would just run away in a panic. Getting near to the road and putting all leads on causes them to get in a tangle! I did manage to get them all to sit at the kerb :)

Yesterday was a busy day at work, in the office all day but meetings and phone calls all take time. My sister called as she had felt unwell, visited the GP who said she had to go straight to A&E. They had queried a DVT, this was ruled out with tests, but she has got a chest infection so neeeding to rest (in the cool!) for a few days.

Indications are for today that we could reach 36 degrees - drink plenty, stay in the cool and keep an eye on elderly neighbours to check they are ok.


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