Another unexpected day

The friend's car was in the sick bay from opening at 7 to closing at 4, and thankfully was made better by them. Phew!

We spent a good part of the day on the beach having a sunny, swimmy time and catching up on each other's lives. It was over 30 and there were many big waves in the warm sea - this is not a common feature of the tideless Baltic so we were happy indeed! There was ice cream.

This is the view from Beacon Hill, a sight that never fails to impress and delight, no matter what time of year you are there. Looking back towards Härnösand, we live in the distance somewhere int he thumbnail, not visible as there's a ridge or two in the way.

Having waved off our oldest Östersund friends, we had a lovely G&T meeting with our oldest Härnösand friends. It is always relaxed and easy being together, and we sat outside in the warm evening till Rose decided we were too noisy for her neighbours and we retreated indoors at 22.00 - rather that than start a neighbourly war!

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