South Coast Scribblings

By SueSouth

Goodbye old guitar!

Moving and downsizing is good because it has forced me into making a decision about my old guitar, which I haven’t used in years, but couldn’t bring myself to get rid of. It’s very heavy, and I couldn’t manage it any more about ten years ago. It’s from the late 60’s or early 70’s and I bought it secondhand off a chap at a conference in 1980. It was far better than my old Eko guitar and we did a swap plus me paying him a £100 on top. It served me well for over twenty years, so not bad. It was taken away by two chaps from the charity organisation that we arranged to remove unwanted stuff. One of them needed a new guitar, so I explained about it and that it had a metal bar through the inside of the fretboard which has prevented it from warping (apparently a common problem with old guitars). So, who know, it may get a new lease of life!

They also took three pieces of furniture, a porcelain doll (Bo Peep and her sheep!) and a coat still in its delivery bag which I never wore (it was a bit small, but I expected to slim to fit it, so I kept it - a big mistake! We now have lots of room to store boxes. They also delivered book crates for us to put unwanted books in.

Have found lots of bedding stuff stored away, some of which is worth passing on and some of which is headed for the tip tomorrow. It was stored in our son’s room on top of his cupboards. It was an office for a while and there were still some books and files of ours in one of the cupboards; and the airing cupboard is in there, which is where some of the unwanted bedding was stored. Our son is our working for a charity in Reigate today, so it was a good time to get into his room. (Apparently it’s 38 degrees there according to the car!) I think it’s meant to be about 26 here, near the coast). We were not being invasive, as he’s already packed his things.
Also found a load of old towels in a box - ugh, they’re off to the tip. It’s amazing what you hang on to!..

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