this too, shall pass

By lenah

Abstract Thursday - Festive

Today I had an appointment with my younger son in downtown Portland and when we were done with business he offered me a tour of the place he has been working for the last 2+ years as a software engineer. 
The atrium entrance of the building is three stories high and the space is partly filled with wonderful light. My main picture shows an array of glass pendants cascading from the ceiling and this might qualify for the theme 'festive' for  Abstract Thursday. 
In the extra you can see part of the enormous wall decorated with cedar planks and life greenery - my favorite visual in this open space. 
Three stories of great photo opportunities and I have been invited to come back and snap away. Will do:)
Thank you Ingeborg for hosting the challenge.

And thank you all for your comments, stars and hearts regarding Mr.&Mrs. Wild. You made my day:) 

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