By Bom

End of the Heatwave

East Anglia had some of the hottest weather in the UK today and our hottest few days of the year. This is forecast to be the last day of this very long heatwave. Thunder has been rumbling round at times for the last few hours, but we've still not had any rain yet although it's very blustery. This was the reading on my little weather station mid afternoon - the outside temperature of 36.9 C is a bit over as the sensor is on a wall, but an hour later it was 33 C per the car thermometer. The inside temperature of 29.1 C would have been accurate and it was incredibly hot and humid in the bungalow today.


The fitter returned today and finished the work on the bathroom. The 3rd shower fitted was incorrectly ordered for a high pressure system, mine's low pressure. I still had the smaller shower heads from the old one so they were fitted instead. Still got to try things out, but it's looking nice. 

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