Our young friends from Indonesia and Malaysia drop by for lunch en route to climb Ben Nevis.
When they told us of their plans I had severe misgivings. Over the years we have grown wary of visitors from abroad, though the English are the worst offenders, who come to Scotland expecting it to be a breeze.
The Scottish media are full of stories of walkers and climbers getting into difficulty and having to be rescued because they misjudge the speed at which the weather conditions can change or the difficulty of the terrain.
“Have you ever climbed a mountain?” I ask once we finish lunch.
“ Oh yes,” replied Yusrina, the Indonesian doctor.
“ I have climbed one mountain.”
“ Just one mountain?”
 “ Mount Fuji.”
Ouch! Sometimes appearances are very deceptive. Not in a million years would I have guessed that this delicate young Indonesian woman had not only climbed Mount Fuji but had taken the most difficult route up – then stayed at the top all night in order to watch the sun rise.
Tomorrow we are expecting to get a selfie of them both at the top of Ben Nevis.

PS. If you are wondering why there is nothing on the table we had quickly cleared it as storm clouds approached with the long awaited rain.

Photo: after lunch came the inevitable selfie.

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