musings of a Nepali girl

By Pratiksha

Bailey boy

It’s just stopped raining here. It rained all night and all morning, which is a good thing! Bailey apparently had a little play in the rain on our rooftop and the house stinks of wet dog (Phil says; I smell nothing).

Zuzu is recovering well. Thanks for all your kind comments.

The other house (my parents house) has a new dog. Last Sunday after Zuzu’s operation, we rescued a little puppy from the street, gave him a good bath, killed more than 200 ticks (yes 200!), took him to the vet for rabies injections and tick and flea drops. He is happy with Ccino and Domino and Bailey loved having him around at our house last evening. Zuzu is never sure of puppies but then gets used to them. We hope we find a nice home for him.

We have named him Bolt as he has a white flash like line running on his back.

I was just thinking how happy I am to have found this community. Thank you!

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