By Bella888

Stormy Seaside Sunday

We have been brave enough to venture out. Many wouldn’t. The winds are gusting up to 50 mph. As we went down the side of our home to the garden gate which leads to the clifftop, I beseeched husband to hold onto me (as the gap acts like a wind funnel). He mocked me as expected, but then when a gust caught him he did as asked.

A refreshing walk down to the pier approach. We arrived with water down dripping our face. Now sitting in Neo with an Aspall.

I’ve stripped the beds and will make them up when we get home. Husband can’t believe I just put that on blip (he heard as I often dictate rather than input text when using the phone - have to be careful, when I intended to write an Aspall, it understood an a ** hole ).

By the way, the blip is of my little kitchen garden.

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