A properly damp day

The rain that should have arrived as we slept was replaced by winds that woke us up, but never a drop of the wet stuff fell. Later: rain in great buckets full! After weeks of dry, hot air we are now super-soggy. Humidity off the scale indoors and out. 

Wonderful for putting out forest fires - the big ones that have been burning for almost 2 weeks are now under control and the burnt areas are being drenched to make sure they don't set off again. There are still massive fire risks further north so the trains have stopped running to avoid setting fir to the brush alongside the tracks. Drivers are being warned not to park cars over dry grass, the heat from the engine is sufficient to ignite a fire that can spread.

No serious injuries, no deaths, and no lost buildings in Sweden where the forest burns more slowly than in Greece. Reading about the horrors of rapidly burning fires there has added a different perspective to the traumas here. Anyhow, everyone round here seems to be delighted to be rained on - so much so that Keith is out there walking in it. We drove to the shop to get some milk and he's walking home. I drove and took the main photo looking towards the burnt ridge from about a kilometer from Bötsle.

When I parked the car, this is what I saw from the window. A damp world where the greens are coming back, and where the blue sky is a memory. I've unpacked the shopping, processed my photos and written my blip - and now I hear Keith's app announcing the end of his "workout" in a charming American accent.

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