Fungi Sunday

The day dawned wet and windy - so no walk with Finlay first thing.

Plenty of rain all day - the water butts are now full to bursting!

We met up with our daughter and family for coffee at J32 (Castleford) - got a bit damp as it is an open-air outlet!

When the rain stopped I did get out with Finlay and found this wonderful fungi growing on a branch. I think it is called Jelly Ear (amongst other things). Had to use the flash as it was a bit dark in the woods.

More trouble with granddaughter’s new bed - the replacement for the broken part arrived late this afternoon and it too is broken. You couldn’t make this saga up…

So I have dismantled the little bed that Jessica has here and will assemble it so she can move into her new room which will allow the nursery to be reconfigured ready for new baby.

Needless to say our daughter is livid - I wouldn’t want to be in customer services at 9 a.m. on Monday….

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