... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Buckingham Palace Road: Ride London "Race"

Quicker stepping (ish) in large.

I knew there was riding going on in London ("Ride London"), but didn't realise it'd be riding right past my café plans at various speeds... Everyone was waiting for the elite riders (the fun riders were already sporting their medals), but when they eventually appeared (after many rounds of motorcycle-mounted officials, team cars, and police chaperones) they seemed to be pedalling in a pretty pedestrian manner. It certainly didn't seem like a race to me, but perhaps they were going a very long way.
I struggle to raise any enthusiasm for sports, but was surprised even by my own levels of unimpressed-ness (even the shrug barely registered), although the spectacle of all the colours in the passing peloton was appealing, and I enjoyed taking panning shots even if I had the macro lens mounted. The amateurs were more amusing on that front, as were the various support vehicles.

In much more exciting news, the Ross'sling is now definitely a fledgling rather than a gosling: I saw it flying (accompanied by its parents on foot...), although I didn't have my camera out because I was determined not to take any photos of birds. I failed, as I had to photograph it reflecting on its progress and achievement.

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